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My services are especially appreciated by those who care about quality and professional presentation – this is where our approaches meet. My goal is to create photographs that have maximum technical, aesthetic and sales quality and represent the object or product in a compelling and captivating way. In my work I always strive for this result, instead of quickly delivering “some photos” at the lowest price.


  • My know-how in photography developed over more than 15 years with a focus on architecture and landscape.
  • I work with cutting-edge photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Capture One, Luminar) and have extensive and years-long knowledge of its use to create compelling photographs.
  • I use modern professional photo equipment, including powerful strobes and a variety of accessories.
  • My passion for the subject – photography is more than just a “job” to me. I live it and am constantly striving to push myself further in it. My photographs are like my children, and I am personally invested and motivated to create them in a way that I feel good about signing my name on.

I want to give your buildings and premises a high quality and captivating photographic presentation.

My goal is to capture the spaces you design, run your services in, or sell/rent in the best light, because that’s what matters. Most people will not see them in person for the first time, but through the internet, where a good photographic presentation is essential. The same goes for furniture and interior accessories, which I also photograph.

Illustration of my post-processing of photos

Photographing the location itself is just the tip of an iceberg. In addition to thorough preparation, photo editing, which is an integral part of every assignment, is an essential part of the work. In post-production, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the quality of the photographs and to fine-tune the intention to perfection.

I create my photographs to draw attention to the subject and sell it – whether to the media when presenting an architectural work, to potential guests of a restaurant or hotel, or to prospective buyers. This intention permeates all of my work, from shooting on location to editing in a graphic editor. It’s not just about making the photographs “look nice”, but about making them truly eye-catching and making the observers want to see the place for themselves.

Communication with the client is also an important part of my work. I strive for open, friendly and understandable communication. I will be happy to discuss with you the necessary details regarding the shoot of a given object, so that it is clear what kind of shots we are after and prepare a comprehensive proposal. If you are interested in my services, please feel free to contact me.

Are you interested in having photographed thr interiors / exteriors of your architecture, business or real estate?