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An online consultation through Zoom can be the solution to your groping with camera settings, working with composition, photo editing or choosing a new camera and many other photographic issues and pitfalls. There is a plethora of information to be found everywhere, but it is easy to get lost in it and the ones that are really useful are usually not for free. An hour-long online consultation with a professional can give you answers that you might otherwise spend many hours or days searching for and laboriously filtering through a mass of useless information.


I am convinced that photography is one of the best hobbies and jobs in the world. I want people who are absorbed by this activity to enjoy both the shooting itself and the resulting photographs. That’s why I’m offering to share my knowledge and experience that I’ve gathered over the years, first as an enthusiastic hobby photographer, later as an Olympus product specialist and currently as a professional freelance photographer.

WHO IS THE online consultation FOR?

  • For anyone who wants advice on camera settings, choosing new photo equipment, photo editing, working with composition or generally getting constructive feedback on their photos from a professional with recommendations on how to improve their photos (existing or future)
  • For those who enjoy landscape and architecture photography and want to improve their skills, regardless of their current level of knowledge
  • For introverts who don’t seek out group classes or busy people who don’t have time for them
  • For anyone who wants to better understand their photo equipment and be confident with it

WHY ATTEND MY online consultation?

During the online consultation, I will give you my full attention and give you my know how in the area that interests you the most (and possibly not only in that area), whether it is photographic equipment (especially Olympus / OM System), working with composition or photo editing, or if you are just choosing a new camera, etc. I myself have often wondered how a particular photographer achieved a particular photo that caught my eye – within a consultation you can ask me directly and I’ll describe ways to achieve the desired result.

HOW DOES THE consultation WORK?

The consultation takes place via the ZOOM platform, which allows us to share the screen in addition to a regular video call and thus view photos or directly show how to work with them in a graphic editor. After filling out the form below, I will contact you to arrange the date and topic of the consultation.


All you need is a device that allows video calls – a laptop, tablet or in the very last resort a smartphone + of course the internet connection. You do not need to install any software – I will simply send you a link through which the entire video call will take place.


  • you will be able to develop your favourite hobby/activity
  • you will receive maximum attention from the tutor
  • you will get comprehensive information tailored to you, instead of spending hours reading articles or watching video tutorials with lots of disorganized information
  • you can make quite a lot of progress by, for example, unravelling a possible long-standing problem you may have been struggling with


I’ ve been photographing landscapes for more than 10 years. My photography led me to Olympus, where I worked as a product specialist until 2020 and I am still an ambassador and external trainer of the brand. However, I am able to help set up cameras of any brand and owners of any DSLR or mirrorless camera are welcome to attend the workshop. So I have many years of experience both with photography itself and with tutoring and communicating with people. Passing on knowledge and experience to others, regardless of their current level of experience in photography, is very fulfilling for me and I am always pleased when participants leave the workshop enriched, which is my goal. For more info, see the “About Me” section 🙂


39 € / 45 $ for 40 minutes

It is possible to purchase up to 3×40 minutes consultation. The price for 2×40 minutes is 69 € / 75 $ and for 3×40 minutes 109 € / 115 $.


Do you too struggle every year with what Christmas or birthday present to give your loved ones? There’s a lot of stuff around us and generally speaking, the things we really need we already possess or get ourselves. In the spirit of the motto “The best things in the world are not things“, experiences are thus rising in popularity as ideal gifts. Then what could be better than a gift that allows one to immerse oneself in one’s favourite hobby and improve in it? That’s why I embrace this approach and offer the option of issuing a gift voucher.


By submitting the Ordering form you are registering for an online consultation. Registration is not binding until the deposit is paid.