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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA



Within my professional photography I concentrate especially on shooting interiors and exteriors, or architecture in general. Do you want to capture the space of a house, flat, restaurant, hotel or other building, to highlight its quality, size, interesting architectural design or the atmosphere? I can work with different types and sizes of spaces and I know how to highlight its most impressive elements in photography so that it stands out among the others and invites customers to buy or visit. I’m also particular about friendly and open communication with my clients.


You can view a photo how many times you want on the monitor or worse, on your smartphone’s display. But it will always be a more of a preview, where the full potential and beauty of the picture will never appear. Only when a photo is printed and also framed eventually, it suddenly starts to exist and you can enjoy the full depth of the captured motive. Therefore I offer here my printed photos, so you can decorate the premises of your apartment, house or office.


Do you like my photos and would you like to use them on your website, social networks, printed magazine, postcards or promotional items? Here you can request my photos in digital form for use on web or for further printing.