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A photography workshop with individual approach. Combine your holiday in CZ with your favorite hobby or go here for a photo workshop primarilly to make it your perfect holiday – let me guide you to the best photo spots and teach you how to capture (not only) them literally in the best light! A one-to-one workshop is probably the best way to learn photography techniques that actually work in a simple, straightforward and entertaining way.


Photographing landscapes and being in the nature is always an intense experience that recharges me, fulfills me and allows me to live the moment. When I manage to transfer all the impressions into a photo in a way that can be perceived by others, the joy is double. I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to you, so that you too can have powerful experiences from shooting and being in the nature and be able to transfer them into your photographs that will excite and grab the heart of you and everyone who sees them.


  • For individuals, or you can bring a partner or friend
  • For those who enjoy landscape photography and want to improve their skills, regardless of their current level of knowledge
  • For those who have a bond with nature and want to capture it in the best possible way
  • For anyone who wants to better understand their photo equipment and be confident in its control
  • For anyone who wants to learn to better perceive the landscape with all its details and find a composition that stands out in the photo



I will guide you through the best views and most photogenic locations of Czech republic. I can prepare a detailed plan for your stay, from picking you up through visiting points of interest and photographying to getting you back to hotel.

The workshop is only for you and me. As a tutor, I will guide you to learn and master how to work with the camera, composition, graphic editor and very importantly – with space and light. I am 100% dedicated to you and only you, so it is possible to pass on much more knowledge than in a group workshop. In particular, we can focus more specifically on the areas that interest you the most, whether it’s equipment, working with space or photo editing. As well as advice on how to set up your camera appropriately, I can also help you choose the right lens or camera if you are thinking of buying a new one.


First of all, we agree on the date and the location where the workshop will take place. It is possible to either choose a location(s) that I know well, so that I can take you to proven locations where I can demonstrate specific techniques and ways to photograph the location, or you can choose a preferred area yourself, with you in turn taking me to a location of your interest that we will work with and find ways to capture it in the best possible way. Both can be combined, of course.

Throughout the workshop, we will visit different locations and hike in the nature, where I will survey your existing knowledge and experience so that I can guide you to improve and expand it. At the same time, the workshop can be interspersed with lunch or a coffee break where we can look at your or my laptop at photo editing options, review your photos and I will provide feedback and tips for improvement, etc.

Altough I don’t officially offer any form of transportation, we can agree on a “carpool” option and therefore I would pick you up on the airfield / train or bus station / hotel, take you with me to agreed location(s) and back again (see below).


  • you will be able to fully immerse yourself in your favourite hobby / activity with me
  • you will discover the best photo spots in CZ
  • you will receive maximum attention from the tutor
  • a perfect combination of relaxation, fun, physical activity and education
  • you’ll get comprehensive information customised to you, instead of spending hours reading articles or watching video tutorials with lots of disorganised information


I’ ve been photographing landscapes for more than 10 years. My photography led me to Olympus, where I worked as a product specialist until 2020 and I am still an ambassador and external trainer of the brand. However, I am able to help set up cameras of any brand and owners of any DSLR or mirrorless camera are welcome to attend the workshop. So I have many years of experience both with photography itself and with tutoring and communicating with people. Passing on knowledge and experience to others, regardless of their current level of experience in photography, is very fulfilling for me and I am always pleased when participants leave the workshop enriched, which is my goal. For more info, see the “About Me” section 🙂



We simply work with what you have. It can even be a smartphone or a digital compact, everything can make a good photo, even though it’s more limited than with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

It’s definitely a good idea to have a tripod too, but if you don’t have one, that’s not a problem – I’m happy to lend you mine if you need it.

If you want to focus more on photo editing as well, I recommend bringing your own laptop, or I can demonstrate the techniques on mine.


It is possible for you to borrow an Olympus camera and/or lens for the duration of the workshop and give it a fair test in practice. Ideal for anyone who is deciding on a purchase, or would purely like to try out this photo equipment elsewhere than in a shop.


The private workshop comes in two variations:


  • ca. 4-5 hours with sunrise or sunset (work days*)
  • Price: 190 € / 210 $ (difference is due to the currency exchange course)


  • ca. 8-9 hours with sunrise or sunset (work days*)
  • Price: 290 € / 315 $ (difference is due to the currency exchange course)

The price does not include transport costs, which are 0.25 € / km from my home near Prague. Other expenses, such as parking fees or entrance to selected sites are also covered by the client.

The transport of a client is not part of the workshop offer and officially the client is responsible for his/her own transport. However, it is possible to arrange a carpool beyond the scope of the workshop.

* weekends could be arranged individually


Do you too struggle every year with what Christmas or birthday present to give your loved ones? There’s a lot of stuff around us and generally speaking, the things we really need we already possess or get ourselves. In the spirit of the motto “The best things in the world are not things“, experiences are thus rising in popularity as ideal gifts. Then what could be better than a gift that allows one to immerse oneself in one’s favourite hobby and improve in it? That’s why I embrace this approach and offer the option of issuing a gift voucher.


Don't forget the international call prefix (e.g. +420 etc.).
If there's any - otherwise we'll make a plan within arrangement of the workshop.
By submitting the Ordering form you are registering for a private photography workshop. Registration is not binding until the deposit is paid.

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